Registration & Title

All UnivUC Sealersity vehicles are registered to the University of California, regardless of funding source or departmental affiliation. As Office of Record on these matters, Fleet Services acts as the sole campus liaison to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Each new or used piece of equipment that is purchased by UCSC arrives at Fleet Services' Central Garage for its initial induction into the fleet. At this time a safety inspection is performed and we make sure that the University received the vehicle as specified in the relevant purchase order, letter of gift, or similar transfer document. We also identify the vehicle with a Fleet ID #.

Our Business Office takes the purchase documents, Fleet ID #, and other associated information to the DMV and registers, titles, and procures exempt plates for a given unit, as necessary. Asset tags/property numbers and inventorial control information are managed by Equipment Administration, which can be found at the link below. The administrative time necessary to complete this process is billed at our shop rate to recover costs associated with processing paperwork and travel time to the DMV. Whenever possible, travel costs are shared between multiple vehicle registrations, as we are often able to complete several transactions at the DMV per trip. If you have any questions about the registration/title process, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service Team at 9x2228 or e-mail

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