Surplus of UCSC Vehicles

Surplus Yard

Receiving Services/Surplus is your first stop when you've decided to surplus University vehicles. We work together to decommission the vehicle and get it ready for sale. Once we've received the vehicle and Receiving Services/Surplus has processed your surplus request form, we "surplus" the equipment in our system. This will stop most Fleet Services fees from accruing after the date of receipt. Please bear in mind that our system is "real-time" so fees charged out on the 1st of the month will still be charged if you surplussed the vehicle on the 2nd. Additional fees for materials such as fuel necessary to sell/market a surplussed vehicle & labor to remove UC ID and equipment may also be charged. Equipment Administration and Risk Services (for insurance purposes) are not notified until both the vehicle and the paperwork have been submitted and processed.

Need to surplus a vehicle? Follow the link below for Receiving Services/Surplus. Questions about how the surplus process affects insurance premiums, parking fees, and equipment inventory should be directed to Risk Services, TAPS, and Equipment Administration at the links below.

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