Voyager Card Use Guide

  1. If the gas station has readers located at the pump, you may use your Voyager Fleet Card at the pump. If there are no pump card readers, see the attendant inside to process your transaction.

  2. Swipe your card at the pump card reader. If the pump card reader will not read the card, take the card inside to the attendant to process the transaction electronically. If the attendant questions the card, show this guide and ask the attendant to follow the instructions.

  3. If the pump terminal requires you to choose either "Credit" or "Debit", press the "Credit" key.

  4. If required, the terminal may prompt for an ID or personal identification number (PIN). Enter your assigned number and press "Enter".

  5. If required, the terminal may prompt for an ODOMETER reading. Enter your odometer as a whole number. DO NOT enter tenths of miles.

  6. All terminals are different and may require information to be entered in a different order. Simply follow the instructions on the terminal to process your transaction.

  7. If the attendant has any questions, present these instructions or ask them to call 800-987-6591 for assistance in processing the transaction.

*Additional Information can be found on the U.S. Bank site

**There are some "mom & pop" type gas stations that cannot process Voyager cards at the pumps. If you are having an issue, consult gas station staff or proceed to the next major brand gas station.